iSCSI datastores*

Storage Thin provisioning Price per hour** Price per month
1.2 TB iSCSI
SSD-Accelerated Storage
£0.09 excl. VAT/hour £59.00 excl. VAT/month
3.3 TB iSCSI
SSD-Accelerated Storage
£0.24 excl. VAT/hour £159.00 excl. VAT/month
6.6 TB iSCSI
SSD-Accelerated Storage
£0.39 excl. VAT/hour £262.65 excl. VAT/month
13.2 TB iSCSI
SSD-Accelerated Storage
£0.77 excl. VAT/hour £517.65 excl. VAT/month

*available soon

**maximum amount charged is 672 hours (28 days) per month

Want iSCSI Datastores for your infrastructure?


Snapshots are instant images of the data on your partition. You can access the snapshots at any time and recover your data from a previous hour when the snapshot was captured.

Number of snapshots
The snapshot is stored on your partition
up to 1 hour before

Backup copies

To ensure continuity of service and to prevent data loss, OVH stores snapshots of your partition on different devices.

Internal backup
In the same datacentre
from 1 hour up to 24 hours before

OVH saves the data from the last 24 hours. To restore an older backup, you will need to open an incident ticket and order a paid intervention.

Your data safe and secure

You get totally dedicated storage spaces with RAID-1 or RAID-10 technology to ensure your data is completely secure. Data is stored on two disks simultaneously (mirror), and reading is done randomly on one of the two disks so it's really impossible to lose a byte!

Datastore allocation

A datastore can be linked to a virtual datacentre of the Dedicated Cloud, or to the entire Dedicated Cloud, depending on the rules and procedures you want to apply.

A fully-redundant infrastructure

It consists of two separate physical servers located in two different computer racks. These servers are dedicated to your usage. They are each fed by two separate power sources and both have physical access to the hard disk data, connected in SAS. There is a master and a slave so that in the event of failure, the slave will automatically isolate the master and take over the service, and you won't even notice!

A fail-safe network

Our servers are connected to the OVH network using 10 Gbps ports. The network is doubled from A to Z, so you always have two possible pathways to access your storage space. Excellent performance, high availability and no packet loss as standard.