Dedicated Cloud: Neither private nor public

Cloud Hosting

The 3 types of cloud

When we talk about cloud, most users automatically think of public cloud: Unlimited shared resources available on demand, somewhere over the internet.

Private cloud is usually defined as the cloud built internally within your business.

Dedicated Cloud opens up a 3rd option or 3rd type of cloud, which is compatible and can be combined with the other 2.

This cloud is more long-lasting and robust. It's secure, transparent and above all 100% dedicated on all layers of the infrastructure. It's your virtual datacentre.

The term "hybrid cloud" refers to the combination of several types of cloud.

Public or Dedicated Cloud

Public cloud and Dedicated Cloud can complement each other perfectly, provided that you are fully aware of their limits of use. The main usage categories can be defined as follows:

Dedicated Cloud


Consolidating my servers

Use and regular growth

High isolation and security

Disaster recovery/business continuity plans

Hybrid Cloud with your business

Critical applications (ERP, Production, etc.)

SaaS and software licensors

OVH Public Cloud

Testing/Proof of concept

Strong seasonal fluctuations

Loads peaks/overloads

Load tests

Developer/DevOp teams

First years


Short-term projects

This list is not exhaustive; it simply reflects usage trends.

Private is not dedicated

Some offers give the option of external private cloud, meaning a public cloud with added security (most often on the network layer).

However, the resources and servers on this type of cloud are usually shared, which may cause:

Performance issues

Low-level security issues

Stability and availability issues

A lack of transparency (location, types of servers, physical infrastructure)

Grey areas in terms of guarantees and SLA

Infrastructure limitations

Non-standard management tools, no reversibility guarantees

With Dedicated Cloud, you can overcome all these issues with:

Guaranteed and stable performance

Hardware and 100% dedicated network

100% SLA guaranteed 

Total isolation at all levels

High level of customisation and integration with your IS

Total transparency on the architecture that supports your servers

Outils standards, portabilité simplifiée.

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