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The Dedicated Cloud gives you access to a fully dedicated Cloud infrastructure comprised of AMD Hosts and datastores (NFS), either in SSD-Accelerated or Full SSD.

A versatile solution for all your projects

The virtualisation of your infrastructure is fully managed by OVH with the vCenter + vSphere solution developed by VMware.
We are bringing you all the power and flexibility of the Cloud to manage your infrastructure!

Order and receive your pack automatically

We are offering you preconfigured or "à la carte" packs to start your infrastructure. Your infrastructure will be delivered with:

  • 2 x AMD Hosts (minimum)
  • 2 x 1.2 TB datastores (minimum)
  • Access to the vSphere hypervisor, configured in high availability (HA) with all available options thanks to the Enterprise Plus licence which is included.

The pack is delivered in around 30 minutes to the OVH datacentre of your choice, either in France or in Canada. You'll be informed by email when your pack becomes available and that's when you'll receive your username and password to connect to the vSphere interface. Log in to the vSphere hypervisor to deploy all your VMs, as needed.

We preconfigure up to 2,000 VxLANs so that you can deploy your private networks and build N-Tiers infrastructures with your VMs.

NSX - VMware's Software-Defined Network

NSX, is a solution native to vSphere with the capacity to easily deploy your security policy and access a library of services such as a firewall, VPN, load balancer, NAT or DHCP. NSX is included with certain preconfigured packs and is optional with "à la carte" packs. All Software-Defined Datacentre product offers are equipped with NSX by default.

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