Your Virtual Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop, your content and your applications from any device

What is the Virtual Cloud Desktop?

With the OVH Virtual Cloud Desktop, you get a machine that's accessible from any browser and a workstation that is available at any time. You will always get your own environment with all the same data and applications no matter where you are.

Key advantages

Have you ever lost your laptop? Thanks to the Virtual Cloud Desktop, you won't have to fear losing your data if your computer were to disappear. Your data and applications are hosted on OVH servers and therefore always accessible no matter what happens.
‘Anywhere Anytime’ access
What do you do if you want to access your computer from home, from the office, or from a hotel? No matter what device you're connecting from, the end-user experience of using a virtual cloud desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC. Access your computer where you want, when you want.
Cost savings
Need to equip 10 new employees for a month? Thanks to Virtual Cloud Desktop, you can create 10 workstations and cancel them in a few clicks once your employees' contracts have ended. This allows employees to bring their own personal devices for work (BYOD).

Order your Virtual Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop 1
1 vCPU
2 GB memory
10 GB storage
ex. VAT/month
(or £9.16 ex. VAT incl. VAT)

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Cloud Desktop 2
2 vCPU
4 GB memory
50 GB storage
ex. VAT/month
(or £17.41 ex. VAT incl. VAT)

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Cloud Desktop 3
4 vCPU
16 GB memory
100 GB storage
ex. VAT/month
(or £36.67 ex. VAT incl. VAT)

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Cloud Desktop 4
4 vCPU
16 GB memory
100 GB storage
ex. VAT/month
(or £64.18 ex. VAT incl. VAT)

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Software development

Need a Windows environment for your applications, or a machine with dedicated resources? With OVH Virtual Cloud Desktop, you can enjoy a dedicated and isolated space to test your development work without any interoperability restrictions.

Work on the go

Do you have to travel a lot for work? Reach your work station and your data wherever you are by connecting to your desktop. Your user experience will remain exactly the same.

Sales meetings

Do you often visit your clients to showcase your products and applications? You can easily log on to your Virtual Cloud Desktop from any device to get everything you need for your sales pitch.

Short-term project

Have you hired a new employee for a short-term project? With a Virtual Cloud Desktop, the employee will have a desk with the necessary applications which they can access from their personal computer (BYOD) or from a company computer. At the end of the project, you can cancel the virtual desktop in one click.

Would you like to manage a series of virtual desktops? Then click here here

Pre-installed applications

You get a Windows environment that includes: Windows licence, Apache LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader…Access them all from any terminal, device, operating system or geographical location.

A scalable solution with guaranteed resources.

With a VMware Horizon 7 virtualisation layer, each Virtual Cloud Desktop is a dedicated virtual machine that provides guaranteed resources. Your data storage and backup, pre-installed software updates and underlying infrastructure maintenance are all ensured through a commitment-free monthly subscription.

Virtual Cloud Desktop: the on-demand remote desktop

OVH Virtual Cloud Desktop solutions give you access to a virtual desktop in the cloud. This means that your workspace and applications are always available. In a few clicks you can create your remote desktop and access your workstation from the Horizon VMware View® client.

Availability and performance

Virtualising your work station allows you to host applications that consume a lot of resources in the cloud, and access them from any platform. This means you can enjoy optimum performance on any device: a real advantage when you have to move around for your work.

Your virtual desktop powered by VMware

The desktop virtualisation technology that OVH offers is based on an infrastructure powered by VMware solutions. These reliable, long-term solutions guarantee stability and high performance for your Virtual Cloud Desktop. You can access your virtual desktop from your VMware Horizon View® client on your mobile, tablet or simply from another computer, wherever you are.