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What makes OVH Public Cloud different?

The story of OVH Public Cloud

The story of OVH Public Cloud told by those who designed and built the infrastructure.

100% SLA
99.999% SLA
With native software-defined high availability, infrastructure entirely managed by OVH and the latest generation hardware, we are committed to hosting your most demanding production environments.
Innovative pricing model
Innovative pricing model
Launch your projects and power up your machines at the best possible price by opting for hourly payment or save 50% by paying monthly.

Get dedicated and guaranteed CPU, RAM, disk and network resources straight away with an operating system, datacentre and SSH key, with no extra fees for handing traffic or requests on any of your instances.
Ability to move between providers
Ability to move between providers
OVH works closely with the industry standard OpenStack which ensures both the portability of your cloud environments and enables hybrid use between OVH and different cloud computing providers.

Cloud Customer Account: an intuitive and exhaustive interface

Services included with OVH Public Cloud

Pay as you go

Pay for instances per hour and for storage per gigabyte

Pay monthly

Pay monthly for your instances and reduce costs

High availibility disk

Triple data replication

Simplified Control Panel

Manage all of your OVH Public Cloud services

OVH & OpenStack API

Manage and automate all your services

OVH network

Reap the benefits of the OVH global network

Your questions answered

What is the payment method for Public Cloud?

You will be billed for resources used during the previous month between day 1 and 5 of every month.
If you choose to pay monthly, you will be billed for the month that has just begun and any additional, unpaid resources carried over from the previous month, such as instances and object storage. If you switch to monthly billing throughout the course of the month, you will be billed immediately for the amount due for the current month, calculated on a pro-rata basis. You will be billed for instances until you delete them in the OVH Control Panel.
You will be billed for instances until you delete them in the OVH Control Panel.

What level of SLA does OVH Public Cloud offer?

OVH Public Cloud guarantees 99.999% SLA for all available resources. (compute, storage, network)
Where the support team detects a lost connection that isn't caused by scheduled maintenance, you will receive damages of 0.5% of the monthly rate per minute of unavailability (up to a maximum of 100% of your consumption for the current month).

Why does Public Cloud work with OpenStack?

OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). OVH is an OpenStack infrastructure donor and in addition to its API and management interface, OVH also provides you with the standard OpenStack APIs and the Horizon management interface.
You can move between cloud providers whenever you want, automate your cloud infrastructures or manage server and disk images.

With OVH Public Cloud, do I pay for incoming and outgoing bandwidth?

Absolutely not. Incoming and outgoing bandwidth is totally free with OVH Public Cloud.

Customer case studies

See how you can integrate OVH Public Cloud into your infrastructures


A scalable infrastructure that can handle huge traffic spikes

SYSADMIN BADASS is the provider in charge of the infrastructure for, a soccer news website. Initially hosted on a single dedicated server, the website is now enjoying a constantly growing success since its creation back in 2006.

On the eve of the 2014 World Cup, it was becoming necessary to set up a more robust and especially more scalable infrastructure in anticipation of the traffic spikes expected during that event (over 1 million page views per day for 500,000 unique visitors).

Giroptic is hosting its users' content with's Public Cloud Object Storage.

With more than 1.4M$ collected on Kickstarter for their HD to 360° camera project, Giroptic, a startup from the city of Lille, now holds the French record for crowdfunding. In order to host photos taken by users of their camera, Girotropic has built a scalable platform notably based on VPSs and Public Cloud Object Storage.

A close-up of the infrastructure that hosts the digital activites of multi-media group NextRadioTV

In order to host its online media content (web and mobile applications), NextRadioTV chose to deploy a high availability infrastructure, capable of absorbing traffic spikes reaching 9 million visitors per day.

Using a blend of dedicated cloud, public cloud and dedicated servers together, NextRadioTV is enjoying the benefits of strong and highly scalable hybrid infrastructure, with resources shared between the 6 websites et 15 applications edited by the group.

A scalable infrastructure for a remote DVD reading service.

With over 120,000 DVD handed over to their care by its users — about 40% are put up for sale — Vodkaster now has the largest catalogue in over-the-top (OTT) online sales of video content.

As an client, Vodkaster has built an infrastructure mixing dedicated servers, Public Cloud (instances and on-demand storage) and CDN to meet their ever-growing needs when it comes to large volumes of data or video broadcasting.

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