Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Security for your websites

Use a CDN to protect your website from attacks

Advantages of OVH CDN:

  • A robust infrastructure that protects your sites and applications
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Reduced load on your web servers for superior service levels

Secure global infrastructure

The CDN is built on OVH's own global network and offers worldwide interconnection, designed to naturally secure your hosting system and web applications.

With three points of presence spread across France and North America, you can offer high availability and an optimised service level.

content delivery network security

reduce spam attacks

Designed to prevent network attacks

Without a CDN, your hosting system is at high risk of DDoS attacks which make your services unavailable by saturating your network connections. This type of attack consists of multiple simultaneous external requests, implying a high risk of severely reduced response times and loss of services for your users.

The CDN can protect your site from these attacks by automatically absorbing the load, and it can resolve the problem when the files stored on it are affected. The overload caused by the attack is then processed on different PoPs according to their origin, which helps to prevent server saturation. The requests will not reach your hosting servers, so they remain available to handle traffic from your users.

Avoid connection loss

In some cases it may take too long to respond to your visitors, due to hosting server saturation or increased traffic to your website. In this instance, the CDN will respond directly, the page will start loading, and your hosting system has additional time to deliver the content to the visitor.

prevent website saturation

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