Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Which CDN service should I order?

CDN solution adapted to your needs

Whatever the nature and size of your online project or your technical ability, using a CDN for your online application is as simple as it is effective.

GeoCache Accelerator

You have a website hosted on one platform, and you don't have advanced web programming or online service administration skills.

You want to add an accelerator to your online applications in a simple manner, without having to develop a complex configuration spread over multiple projects.

OVH recommends: the web offer with GeoCache Accelerator

WebSite CDN

WebStorage CDN

WebStorage CDN

You're looking to store a variety of content online, including photos, videos, and documents.

The purpose is being able access this data from anywhere in the world, or to make it publicly or privately available to international users.

You also appreciate being able to load and manage your data using a web application or API.

OVH recommends: The CDN WebStorage offer

InfraStructure CDN

Have you got multiple websites hosted on dedicated servers or a cloud service? Or a comprehensive web infrastructure?

Would you like to activate and configure the CDN in a specific manner, on different parts of your installation?

You also prefer to use a dedicated IP (IP Anycast) and to apply your CDN to multiple domains, prefering the individual cache rules you have set for each one.

OVH recommends: The InfraStructure CDN offer

InfraStructure CDN