Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Multi-site CDN solution

OVH CDN for resellers: Add multiple sites to the CDN

Advantages of OVH CDN:

  • All the benefits of the CDN brought to your end-users
  • Share the cost of your dedicated CDN
  • Statistical tools for personalised monitoring

Integrate CDN into your offers

Whether you work in retail, IT services, for web agencies or as a freelancer, if you design, develop and maintain websites, CDN will set you apart by bringing added value to your customers. By offering CDN in addition to hosting services, server maintenance or domain name management, they will enjoy all the benefits of CDN.

multiple websites on cdn

internet site option

Share your costs

OVH offers a multi-site CDN, meaning you can add as many domains to one CDN infrastructure as you like. This enables you to share costs widely while adding value for your customers.

Statistical tools for individual monitoringComing soon

OVH will provide you with detailed statistics for each domain, backend and PoP, so you can explain or analyse the international performance of your customers' websites. Demonstrate the value that CDN brings them, in terms of savings, security and SEO, by delivering detailed reports.

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