Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Increase global e-commerce sales

Improve your online shop conversion rate

Advantages of OVH CDN:

  • A valuable aid to improving the conversion rate
  • Increased confidence for internet users
  • Complementary to all good SEO practices

Tip #1: Speed up your website

Response time is a critical for e-commerce, where there's a lot of static content, such as product descriptions, images, catalogs, videos, white papers, user guides, manuals and so on.

A smooth, fast-running site optimises your online outlet and increases the chances of hits turning into firm orders.

e-commerce on cdn

boost conversion rates

Tip #2: Reassure your site visitors

Through the IP Anycast technology and SEO optimisation, your website appears to be local in terms of the search engines and the quality of service.

Your customers will feel reassured and confident in purchasing products from a locally established company.

5 other tips to increase your conversion rate

The CDN is a great asset for boosting your international websites, but does not replace good SEO practices. OVH delivers 5 key points for improve your global conversion rates:

  • Deploy your CDN to reduce latency time and allow your websites to benefit from IP Anycast
  • Work on the geographical location of your sites in GWT
  • Organise your directories, domains and sub-domains correctly (by country), so they appear as they should in each zone
  • Rework your local content - there's no substitute for adapting titles, tags, images and content to your target countries and geographical zones
  • Develop backlinks in each targeted zone + interlinks between local versions

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