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How did RadioShop achieve the ultimate in high availability for their custom online playlists?

OVH and Radioshop


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The background

Headquartered in the south of France, RadioShop is a digital sound agency offering hundreds of brands around the world customised playlists, music design, sound identity, in-store digital experiences, and other auditory brand content. As the company has grown, so has its number of servers, resulting in the need for streamlined server administration and maintenance.

The challenge

Because restaurants and retailers are typically focused on e-banking transactions during the day, they usually access RadioShop’s network in the evening to download playlists. This small window of opportunity means the RadioShop network must be able to handle spikes in traffic, or the company will risk losing customers.

Having more servers means the team has to spend an increasing amount of time on maintenance, such as resolving hardware failures, OS updates, and cyberattack prevention, rather than innovation and product development. As a result, RadioShop wanted a way to delegate the management of its infrastructure.

“Every evening, more than 8,500 outlets situated all around the world connect to our infrastructure to download playlists for the next day, therefore we wanted to rely on a strong partner to manage RadioShop’s infrastructure.”

Thomas Bergerot, Cofounder and CEO, RadioShop

The solution

OVH’s Private Cloud houses a three-tier infrastructure and encapsulates each stage in a different virtual local area network (VLAN) to ensure security in the event of a data breach or cyberattack.

  1. Level one consists of the three servers with an HAProxy to distribute load.

  2. Level two is comprised of two database servers containing the soundtrack catalogue.

  3. Level three contains the master database to collect real-time data around the point of sale, which influences playlists.

A firewall enhances network security, and all music catalogue files are backed up to servers located in an OVH datacentre. A vRack private network secures all data transfers.

The result

Thanks to OVH’s solution, RadioShop offers its clients enhanced customer experiences with music playlists and other unique auditory content delivered right at the point of sale. By outsourcing the infrastructure management to OVH, RadioShop has more me to focus on its core business.

“We are capable of synchronising different files on the different points of presence all over the world in a manner that reduces latency and bandwidth.”

Thomas Bergerot, Cofounder and CTO, RadioShop

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