OVH launches the next generation of datacentres

OVH launches the next generation of datacentres

OVH's new datacentre: Roubaix 4

After six months of construction, our fourth datacentre in Roubaix is ready. Simply called "Roubaix 4", this new building is ready to welcome more than 35,000 servers in eco-friendly rooms.

Record breaking server availability

In order to always provide more efficient solutions designed to match your needs, we have taken on a new technological challenge: opening a new type of datacentre, "Roubaix 4". The data processing centre offers a comfortable bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps per server to bring a high level of fluidity to your services.

Overview of the new Roubaix 4 datacentreView from one side of Roubaix 4

One construction phase of the new Roubaix 4 datacentre: OVH manages the entire project

But more importantly, "Roubaix 4" provides a record level of server availability. Unlike most of our competitors, we control the entire web hosting chain. Creating datacentres, designing the cooling systems, manufacturing servers, everything is done internally. So we have technical drawings of each machine and save valuable time when doing maintenance operations.

"If the power of a server goes down at 4:30 AM, even on a Sunday morning, a technician is immediately on hand and repairs it in less than 15 minutes. The customer won't even have the time to check his monitoring system that everything will be functional again." says Lionel Deny, datacentre operations manager at OVH.

A technician intervening on an OVH server in the Roubaix 4 datacentreThe monitoring room of the Roubaix 4 datacentre

Optimal performance

The "Roubaix 4" cooling system is the culmination of years of research and development. The goal for our teams was to achieve greater stability, while being eco-friendly. Air conditioning, which used a lot of power, has been replaced by a ventilation system and a revolutionary water cooling system at the server level.

"Due to its unreliability, air conditioning did not guarantee service quality," says Lionel Deny. "Ventilation offers more flexibility and adapts to operating conditions. Performance is optimal and the environmental impact is limited."

The decrease in electricity consumption also has a positive impact on prices. Server energy costs have decreased which allows us to bring lower costs to our customers.

Inside the Roubaix 4 datacentre...... equipped with fans ...... stacks to manage the thermodynamic flow ...... to ensure the liquid-cooling of the servers without the need for air conditioning.