Recap of the OVH presentations given at the OpenStack Summit in Boston

From the 8th to the 11th of May, a team from OVH attended the biannual OpenStack community summit. We shared our experience as a Public Cloud provider, especially via two presentations which you can now re-watch.

The OVH Public Cloud predicament: using OpenStack in production, while staying close to the upstream code

By Adam Kijak, OVH DevOps. Length: 8 minutes.

How to compare different cloud services?

With Jean-Daniel Bonnetot, OpenStack evangelist at OVH. Length: 40 minutes.

Watch the video

hen it comes to choosing a cloud provider, the large number of services and the quantity of different options available from each provider can overwhelm those who want to make a point by point comparison. When the variety of different pricing options are added to the mix, making a rational decision can turn into a bit of a conundrum.
In this presentation, one private cloud provider, and two public cloud providers, including OVH, compare their different offerings based on a common use case. They take complete architectures into account and make cost projections.
Some very interesting lessons arise from this exercise, which help to explain how to take advantage of the famous “pay-as-you-go” model.