#WeAreOpenStack: OVH at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston

From the 8th-11th of May, the biannual conference for the OpenStack community will be held in Boston, USA. A team from OVH, which ranks among the biggest Public Cloud providers based on this open-source technology, will attend and share their experience, as well as benefit from the experience of other users. It's the chance to strengthen the ties that OVH has forged with the OpenStack community over the past 5 years.

Public Cloud: a case of atypical usage within the community

Before becoming an active member of the OpenStack community, from 2012, OVH was an early adopter – and an atypical user, deploying the technology on a large scale for Public Cloud usage, which was very marginal at the time.

After developing Object Storage (OpenStack Swift), in 2014 OVH expanded its usage of OpenStack to compute services designed to launch instances on demand (particularly with OpenStack Nova, then with Neutron for Networking-as-a-Service). Now, the OVH Public Cloud, which is exclusively based on OpenStack, is a rapidly growing service, with over 150,000 instances in production and 100 petabytes of data stored. Find out more.

An increasing commitment to OpenStack

Having taken part in the OpenStack Summit since 2014, this year OVH is getting more involved by becoming a sponsor of the OpenStack Academy, a space dedicated to training users both in using the technology as well as on the different ways that they can contribute to the project.

This commitment builds on the continued support that OVH has brought to the OpenStack Foundation, by becoming a Corporate Sponsor in 2014 and an Infrastructure Donor at the end of 2015, by providing resources to host the OpenStack continuous integration system.

Furthermore, OVH is regularly involved in organising events, such as meet-ups or OpenStack Days, in France as well as in Poland (where we have an R&D center), to evangelise the technology, encourage the community of contributors and share its experience.

Technical contributions

Of course, OVH also contributes to the community by sharing its technical expertise via increasingly larger OpenStack code contributions, by providing all of the generic improvements developed as part of its activity as a cloud provider. See the statistics for OVH's contributions.

Finally, because interoperability is a core subject in the values of OVH and we strive to offer services based on technological standards, OVH has taken part in an interoperability project led by the Foundation, to make OpenStack-powered clouds compatible with each other. This resulted in OVH participating in the Interop Challenge in Barcelona, in July 2016, which demonstrated that it is possible to deploy the same application on 16 clouds from different operators in 10 minutes. In October 2016, OVH was awarded the "OpenStack Powered" certification, attesting to the compliance of our APIs with the standards set by the community.

The 3 OVH presentations to look out for during the OpenStack Summit in Boston

On the 8th of May at 4:40pm (local time), (@pilgrimstack) Tech Evangelist Jean-Daniel Bonnetot (@pilgrimstack) will deliver a presentation on the theme “Can OpenStack beat Amazon AWS in Price? Augmented!” in collaboration with two other companies.

The day after (9th of May) at 3:40pm, Romain Le Disez, Tech Lead Storage, will discuss the optimisations that OVH has brought to Swift ("Small optimization and DiskFile interface"). Adam Kijak (@AdamAtOvh), DevOps, will wrap up the day at 4:55pm with a talk on “Public Cloud dilemmas: stay close to the upstream code”.

More information about these presentations. We will share these talks as soon as the videos are available. During the summit, our team will be available in the lounge area. Come and meet us!