Web hosting: choose the runtime environment that suits you

Having the ability to change the runtime environment of your websites is a major development. Now, it is possible to change the software environment of your website or CMS, even while the website is live. This means that if you have a web hosting solution you can use different versions of software without experiencing incompatibility issues.

Users can now benefit from three runtime environments which each meet different needs:

This environment has always been available on OVH web hosting packages. In fact, until now, this was the only configuration on our packages. Although it is still available and maintained in the control panel, we recommend switching to the "Stable" version to take advantage of software updates.

The "Legacy" environment is useful for websites which still rely on older versions of PHP, for example.

The "Stable" environment will be the default choice for web hosting packages, it automatically provides the latest software updates without requiring any additional configuration.

The “Testing” environment is meant for “early adopters”: allowing users to preview the most recent images, patches, and latest technologies (whether they are in beta or not). However, given the nature of this run time environment, there is no guarantee of compatibility, this image is therefore reserved for developers. The ‘Testing’ environment is not recommended for websites in production.

Expert advice

If you are running a Drupal 8 site, keep in mind that Drupal 8 requires the latest database connectors which are deployed in the ‘Stable’ environment but are not available in the ‘Legacy’ environment. Likewise the new ‘Stable’ environment will be necessary for all websites which use the PayPal API as this environment includes an OpenSSL version with TLS1.2 support, which will become a mandatory requirement by PayPal on the 17th of June, 2016.

You can install or modify your runtime environment while your website is live from your control panel.

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