API v6: automate your domain management!

Most OVH customers regularly use Manager v6. This interface contains all the functions for managing your domain names, websites, email accounts and so on. The engine itself, known as API v6, is hidden behind this interface. Concerning domain names, API v6 lets you run all the regular commands while enabling you to freely automate recurrent tasks.

Principally aimed at those with several domain names or advanced automation needs, API v6 is the number one choice when you have specialised needs. Whether you need to redirect a huge number of domain names or create purchase orders for multiple domains at the same time, the API will improve your efficiency. Well-designed scripts will also result in significant time savings.

Expert advice

The main development introduced into API v6 over the past weeks is the ability to transfer domain names. This possibility has just been added to the order options which themselves were implemented a few months ago.

The API v6 is a highly customisable tool which is geared towards people who are concerned about managing their OVH products, options and services.

One API, several approaches

Manage your OVH products
Use your API like the current Manager v6: retrieve information, update and configure your products.

Get creative
Create your own application.
Combine the OVH APIs to create your own tool for whatever you need to do.

Make your life easier
Automate basic tasks using scripts, optimise your own functions.

Order-cart-examples: https://github.com/ovh/order-cart-examples

Go further

An introductory guide is available on our website to help you create your customised Manager or automation scripts.

You can access different dedicated sections, depending on your needs.

List of domain name functions: https://api.ovh.com/console/#/domain

List of ordering functions: https://api.ovh.com/console/#/order

Order-cart-examples: https://github.com/ovh/order-cart-examples

List of available wrappers:

Perl: https://eu.api.ovh.com/wrappers/OvhApi-perl-1.1.zip
Python: https://github.com/ovh/python-ovh
PHP: https://github.com/ovh/php-ovh
Node.js: https://github.com/ovh/node-ovh
Swift: https://github.com/ovh/swift-ovh
GO: https://github.com/ovh/go-ovh

To view all of the functions available within our API v6, go to our console at this address: https://api.ovh.com/console/#/domain


API v6 is a toolbox which allows you to completely dispense with the web interface. However, we advise that you regularly refer to the available documentation to stay on top of the latest updates which our teams regularly integrate into the code. For more information go to the following link: https://api.ovh.com/

At the moment, the .ca,. .so, .feedback, .ist, .kyoto, .istanbul, .ac, .ukgov, .uk, .dk, .hk, .travel, .ro, .asia, .jobs, .se, .nu, .sn, .fi, .ie, .pt, .it, .hr extensions cannot be ordered and/or transferred via API v6.