WordPress 4.5 is available to install in 1-click!

After Joomla! it's the turn of the world's most widely used CMS to get an update in early 2016. Focused on content and user experience, version 4.5 of WordPress is now available to install in one click on our web hosting packages.

Expert advice

Named “Coleman” in honour of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, the 4.5 update represents the culmination of several months of work for the WordPress teams in terms of both form (features: improvements in editing and comment moderation) and content (core: improvements aimed at developers and integrators) Unlike the 4.4.2 update which corrected security weaknesses among other things, this update, now available as a one-click module, improves the user experience and fixes no less than 300 bugs. By incorporating features requested and anticipated by the community, WordPress is further optimising its CMS, improving customisation and stability.

What's new?

Bursting with improvements, the 4.5 update meets the needs of the platform's varied users. Whether you are a writer, community manager, developer, integrator or web agency, the changes will be of interest to you in one way or another.

Here are the headline improvements:


Editor: new shortcuts for formatting text.
Editor: CTRL+K shortcut allows you to insert links in posts and continue writing.
Comment moderation: e-mail notification for new comments.
Comment moderation: improved management of pending comments which can now be viewed within the text editor.

Administrative user experience

Login: sign in using your email address.
Images: 50% reduction in image size within posts, with no visible loss of quality.
Customiser: the customiser now comes with responsive live previews so you can see how your website will look on different screens.


Customiser: there is a framework to allow selective refresh in the customiser.
Imported posts: customise the theme of posts imported from other WordPress websites.
New tool for multisite WordPress installs: WP_Site Class.
Key updates: WordPress 4.5 comes with version 1.12.2 of jQuery and version 1.4.0 of jQuery Migrate.

Please note:

When updating your existing WordPress installation, be sure to verify that all your plugins are compatible with WordPress 4.5 prior to updating.

Developers: a number of modifications were made to the WordPress code in this update, go to this address to learn about the technical details.

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