Database management with IBM Power 8 architecture

On the 30th March, 2016, SoYouStart began delivering servers based on Power8 processors. Specifically designed for intensive parallel processing, these processors are up to 100 times more powerful than a classic x86 architecture.

Running databases on a server is a resource intensive operation. To address this use case amongst others, SoYouStart now offers new Power8 servers specially designed to execute compute intensive tasks on massive volumes of data. Power8 processors are equipped with 12 x 300 GB of internal storage. This means that there is nothing stopping you using database management systems such as MongoDB or Maria DB, which already provide specific releases taking advantage of the Power8 architecture.

Making the Linux-Ubuntu OS available opens up the Power8 architecture to all mid-size companies. Specifically, with 192 threads, you increase the ability to process data stored in large databases. This technology makes servers more powerful and uses a scale-out approach in order to provide instant response. Power8 servers have permanently available resources, significant calculating power, high memory bandwidth and wide data-buses to process and transfer data between applications.

Power8 servers are now available at SoYouStart.