E-tailers: How to be reactive when facing an increase in holiday traffic

In 2015, retail e-commerce spending is projected to amount to 93.89 billion dollars in the United Kingdom*. For e-tailers experiencing growth like vendors with an international reputation, this extra traffic may cause an explosion of sales... and put a strain on its infrastructure. OVH offers customers the ability to face increases in seasonal traffic by deploying additional solutions and in some cases with just a single click

Dedicated Cloud: resources as a service`

An event such as a news report about its business activity or a radio advertisement running on a loop: without a moment’s notice an e-tailer can be confronted with a sudden influx of visitors. In such a situation, professionals can take advantage of the reactivity of the cloud to adjust their infrastructure in times of urgency and add additional hosts in less than five minutes, with billing by the hour.

The VMware High Availability feature, included in the Dedicated Cloud service, automatically restarts VM in the event of a failure and proves beneficial for e-merchants that experience a high volume of transactions.In the event of hardware failure, availability remains maximal, as backup hosts can be integrated into the virtual datacenter in less than fifteen minutes. Moreover, the VMware cloning feature, for multiplying a VM pool in a few clicks or the HotAdd feature, which permits adding more processing to a running VM, offer greater responsiveness to an increase in traffic.

Dedicated Cloud customers also benefit from Virtual Scope, a monitoring tool that provides the use history of a host or virtual machine, for a particular day, week, month or year. Useful for optimizing the management of resources required throughout the holiday, smoothly and accurately adjusting an infrastructure, by ordering, for example, an additional host each evening after 6 PM.

Public Cloud: instances for extreme performance

The Public Cloud is another solution to handle seasonal traffic. With the ability to create additional instances very intuitively from the user control panel or automatically via the API (OVH or OpenStack), any change in site traffic becomes extremely simple for an e-tailer to manage. In addition, to put in place types of instances with characteristics close to that of the best professional dedicated servers available, the Public Cloud offers on demand billing (hourly or monthly) making the investment in increased traffic management easy to measure and always optimal.

VPS: an evolving private server adapted for Web use

Because of their flexibility, virtual private servers (VPS) are designed to support the growth of Web activities, especially for e-commerce. If professionals anticipate an influx in terms of monthly transactions, they can scale their offer and take advantage of additional CPU, RAM and disk space very easily, from their user control panel. The operation takes a few minutes and is seamless.

Dedicated Servers: configurations delivered in two minutes

Dedicated Servers are capable to manage large increases in traffic thanks to a guaranteed bandwidth of 250 to 500 Mbps (depending on the offer), without any upload or download limits. To support increases in traffic and avoid site inaccessibility, the Burst service allows customers to promptly increase server bandwidth up to 1 Gbps. Lastly, a large number of server configurations are available for delivery in 120 seconds: e-tailers can install an OS or a preinstalled software solution, easily increasing the size of their server farms. Machines are devoid of installation costs, making it convenient to add a machine for one month or one week.
* Global eCommerce Sales, Trends and Statistics 2015, Remarkety, 2015

Whatever their size, e-tailers have a range of solutions that can be mixed to build a customized infrastructure. By combining a VPS with a dedicated server farm, it not only benefits from additional backups, but also adds a flexible resource that can share the load, thanks to IP Load Balancing. With this option, traffic can be redirected between dedicated server, VPS and the Dedicated Cloud VM, in order to be ready to face peak activity. Finally, the virtual rack technology - or vRack provides the ability to connect dedicated servers to the Dedicated Cloud, regardless of infrastructure location, within the same fully secure private network. E-tailers make up, their own private infrastructure, redundant or distributed across multiple data centers, from Europe to Canada.

* Global eCommerce Sales, Trends and Statistics 2015, Remarkety, 2015