Scalable Dedicated Servers

OVH has totally reworked its dedicated server offers. To guide users in choosing, the servers have now been grouped into three categories (Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure) covering three usage categories. Mehdi Bekkaï, Product Manager for dedicated servers, explains the philosophy behind each server range.

The Enterprise range stripped bare

"We have high added value servers to the OVH range," Mehdi explains. "They can be customised to suit specific customer requirements in terms of RAID, SATA3 disks, SSD or SAS, failover IP blocks and bandwidth, etc. We can also deliver in 120 seconds for standard configurations." The entry-level price on OVH has been logically re-evaluated. "You can access the most affordable server of all three ranges for just £69.99 excl. VAT a month*. At this price, the user is guaranteed to get the latest technology, more powerful components, multiple services included (IMPI/KMoIP control to name one) and advanced support." What's more, loyalty is rewarded: reductions are applied based on the length of time that the user commits to keeping their server. Finally, OVH guarantees the price and availability of machines for 6 months following a modification of the range, a measure which is "eagerly awaited by our reseller partners."

For the best entry price:

Enterprise range: powerful multi-purpose machines to meet all the needs of an SME

Equipped with solid CPUs (from 6 to 16 cores) and boosted RAM (up to 256 GB), the Enterprise range servers lend themselves to all SME/SMI internet usage: corporate website hosting, extranet and intranet, messaging, CRM, business applications, collaborative tools, VPN, newsletters, backup, etc. "It's the server that does everything, ideal for people who want maximum hardware at the best price. We think of them as general servers because the Enterprise range is not recommended for hosting nor for building a complex infrastructure."

The Hosting range: virtualise and divide up resources

With a geolocatable failover IP pack directly routed on the machine (from 16 + 32 to 128 IPv4s), the Hosting range servers are powered by high frequency CPUs (3.1 GHz+) and equipped with up to 128 GB RAM. The servers have been designed for virtualising resources and dividing them up among several projects and/or customers. For this reason, we particularly recommend them for web agencies, hosting providers and value-added resellers, and for any web hosting or VPS hosting activities. "Hosting servers are isolated from one other. They are designed to run autonomously. The user will set up several VMs on their server, with some serving as the front-ends and others hosting the databases." The 3-tier architecture is set up on just one machine, which is powerful enough to manage multiple virtualisation layers. "To summarise, the Hosting range offers the best value on the market in terms of resource/power/price/IPs, for dividing up and consolidating your resources."

The Infrastructure range: build complex, scalable and multi-datacentre infrastructures

Interconnected at no extra cost on a private multi-datacentre network, the Infrastructure range servers are ideal for CIOs of large companies, IT services companies and software publishers offering SaaS products and looking to outsource all or part of their computing systems. "These architectures have at least 3 levels (3-tier)! When information is directly requested from a server, it communicates with a third machine which is usually a database. Sometimes it's even more complex. Private networks connect servers together, either with or without a firewall, and VMs and load balancers complete the system. In this kind of infrastructure, any sensitive data, such as banking, accounting or financial data, must be carefully managed."

These users are interested in the four geographical zones offered by OVH for building a multi-datacentre infrastructure: Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg in France, and Beauharnois in Canada. This infrastructure is suitable for disaster recovery and business continuity planning (DRP/BCP). As a result, the Infrastructure range customers get the most out of the powerful global fibre optic network deployed by OVH around the world. "vRack 1.5 enables machines located in different OVH datacentres to be connected on the same virtual rack, including the Beauharnois datacentre across the Atlantic. You can build large-scale complex platforms with critical servers isolated from the internet by virtual private networks. Later this year, by connecting your fibre optics to one of the 17 OVH PoPs (project "Direct Connect"), you will also be able to connect this outsourced architecture to your company's internal datacentres, within a private network." The servers of the Infrastructure range will also appeal to those looking combine dedicated servers (with maximum disk I/O), with internal cloud, Dedicated Cloud and public cloud, so that they can adjust resources to requirements in real time. The different components of this hybrid infrastructure will grouped with one private network.

Finally, the Infrastructure range servers are equipped with one or two network adaptors, which are compatible with the vRack and highly customisable, "With HG and BIG HG, these are basically bespoke servers. Each component can be customised, and you can connect up to 3 chassis supporting up to 36 disks offering 144 TB total capacity! The user defines each server profile to suit its function within the infrastructure, such as web front-end, database management, storage, load balancing, and to guarantee 100% availability, these machines have been built to withstand even the most severe technical incident." In terms of redundancy, the T3 machines come with two 1 Gbps network connections and two power sources, whereas the T4 servers (HG and BIG HG) have two 10 Gbps network connections, at least two processors, two power sources and two power connections. The T4 servers also benefit from hot-swapping so that a power pack or faulty RAID disk can quickly be replaced without interrupting the server.

Mehdi Bekkaï, OVH Product Manager for Dedicated Servers

Common options and follow the sun support

Although OVH servers come with different configurations and are designed for different uses, they all benefit from a common array of services, including a wide range of operating systems which can be installed in a matter of clicks, a 500 GB FTP backup, unlimited traffic, the server location of your choice and even customisable anti-DDoS protection. What's more, thanks to being presence on three continents, OVH support is evolving. It will be provided by the hosting provider's teams in France, Canada or Tunisia, depending on the time of day, and for customers that need extra support on small everyday issues, an "Advanced" support service is also available as the first level of facilities management.

Storage servers, ready-to-go HPC and big data solutions: OVH covers all requirements

OVH has just revised its Storage dedicated server offers. These machines are compatible with OpenStack, Ceph and Lustre systems and allow storage devices to be distributed between 2, 3 or 4 datacentres, via a vRack interconnection (an inter-datacentre private network). As a world exclusive, OVH is also offering 40 Gbps connection with some models, enabling transfer speed to be noticeably accelerated. And thanks to brand new 6 TB helium hard drives manufactured by HGST, the storage capacity can reach up to 216 TB!
The Big Data (with 40 Gbps connection on the top range) and HPC ranges have also been revamped. "Big Data and HPC go hand in hand. One consists of carrying out fairly simple operations on astronomical quantities of data, for predictive analytics or business intelligence purposes. The other enables complex equations to be solved at record speed, enabling small and medium size businesses to boost their R&D while keeping a tight control on costs, as clusters can be rented hourly or monthly."

* Setup fees of £84.99 to £254.99 are added to the monthly price of the server (subject to change). No setup fees for 12 month commitments.