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Vacuuming up an attack

Vacuuming DDoS attacks: the force of the OVH network

Indispensable network capacity

The principle of DDoS attacks is overloading the services. Sometimes the provider's entire network is incapable of handling the load.

Thanks to the OVH 3 Tbps network, the infrastructure can absorb a huge quantity of traffic during attacks, which is far superior to the other services available.

Multipoint vacuuming: a real advantage

When the attack is on a global scale, the mitigation services, replicated in 3 OVH datacentres on 2 continents (Beauharnois, Roubaix and Strasbourg), are simultaneously activated so as to group together their collective power and absorb the flow. The total capacity of mitigation is 480 Gbps (3 x 160 Gbps).

Other customers and services will not be affected at all.

Situation normal: vacuuming is not active.

Attack detected: multipoint vacuuming is activated, enabling the analysis and mitigation of the traffic on 3 VACs.

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