OVH, an eco-friendly hosting provider
Eco-friendly innovation is a key part of the OVH philosophy. Since 2003, we have worked on a process to reduce energy consumption, namely by designing an exclusive water-cooling system for our servers.
As a hosting provider, OVH never ceases to invent new ways of reducing the quantity of electricity needed to run its datacentres. This keeps the cost of powering the servers down and the savings can be passed on to the customers.

Our approach since 2003

  • In-house development of exclusive cooling systems
  • Total elimination of air conditioning
  • Savings made reflected in the price of servers

Our own datacentres

All OVH datacentres built since 2010 are free of air-conditioning.

The 30% air-cooling + 70% water-cooling = 0% air-conditioning system is deployed in all of our new datacentres. With this system, we've been able to reduce our energy costs so much that electricity only amounts to 10% of the overall cost for running our datacentres.

Optimisation of air flow

Rather than the traditional free cooling commonly used in datacentres, the servers are cooled directly using air from the outside.

The way that the datacentre has actually been designed plays a key role in this highly effective air flow management system. The tower design allows fresh air to directly reach the front of the servers, which regulates the temperature of the fans and air inlets.

  • Fresh air passing in front of the servers
  • Air heated by the components is evacuated at the back of the servers
  • Hot and cold air flow separated

Industrialisation of liquid cooling

One of the key elements of the OVH strategy in terms of energy efficiency is industrial deployment of water cooling systems.

This idea, born in 2003 and going against the current practices of the time, consists of using liquid inside the server itself to cool the processors. The liquid is carried by heat exchangers which are positioned on the processors and other components that emit a lot of heat.

70% of the heated generated by a server is thus captured by the liquid, which has a much higher heat transfer capacity than air.

Record PUE index

PUE is an indicator of a datacentre's power usage effectiveness. With its efforts to reduce its energy consumption, OVH has managed to achieve an average PUE of 1.09.

A better result than the average datacentre.

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