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About OVH

Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH is an independent European company based in Roubaix, Northern France. It's the number one hosting provider in Europe and the fourth largest domain name registrar in the world (Netcraft, January 2012). OVH's biggest selling point is unbeatable value for money, which has enabled it to gain the competitive edge against other internet players.

Focus on innovation

With significant technological advantages, such as the exclusive server cooling system, OVH has always promoted innovation and performance, while maintaining respect for the environment. In addition to hosting numerous radio stations and the biggest game server networks, OVH is now rising to the challenge of cloud computing.

An ambitious goal

OVH is well-established on the international market, extending its expertise in Europe and beyond with over a dozen subsidiaries, which recently included the first opening in North America. OVH follows an ambitious business model, and has the tools and knowledge to stand out in the market. By reducing operating costs and investing heavily in innovation, the hosting provider has made a long-term commitment to offer the best quality products and services at the best prices.

A different approach

To succeed on the internet, OVH has adopted a simple approach - offering better value than our competitors. While the majority of industry players adopt a short-term strategy, OVH has shown greater foresight by building in-house datacentres. By developing cooling technologies without air conditioning, assembling servers in house, and managing our own fibre optic network, as well as providing in-house commercial and technical support, OVH has complete control of the production chain.

An optimised model

OVH does not buy in servers, they are built in-house on the assembly lines, directly within OVH datacentres. As a result, up to 400 physical servers are assembled everyday and delivered in less than an hour, as part of a "just in time" production strategy, based on customers requirements.

Major investments

OVH has also invested in deploying a network across Canada and the USA, based on the new 100 Gbps coherent technology. These facilities are used to manage a high capacity redundant network (10 Tbps). This guarantees 100% network availability and low latency. We have chosen to build a datacentre of unprecedented scope, with an eventual total capacity of 360,000 physical servers. This involves huge up-front investments, but allows the process to be industrialised, thus achieving economies of scale.

*source Netcraft January 2012


A powerful global network

OVH has chosen to deploy its own global fibre optic network, a unique infrastructure on the web hosting market. The stats are staggering: 2 Tbps bandwidth, 33 peering points on 3 different continents and 24/7 operational maintenance.


8 datacentres at the cutting edge of technology

With over 120,000 servers hosted, OVH is the leading web hosting company in Europe. More than 400,000 professional customers rely on us to ensure the sustainability of their data. OVH datacentres have been designed to withstand any form of intrusion or hazard. Security doors, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, the latest fire detection and extinguishing systems: everything has been planned out to guarantee continuity of service, and security of the data entrusted to us. Before the launch of our 9th DC project in Gravelines, check out these video presentations of our 3 latest datacentres:


All the OVH know-how

Roubaix 4, the latest OVH datacentre to open in Roubaix, results from 10 years of research and development in energy efficiency. With state-of-the-art cooling technology and a cube-shaped design surrounding a heat evacuation chimney, we have cut our energy bills in half, which gives us a real competitive advantage. It's also the cornerstone of OVH Cloud services.


A datacentre... made of containers

SBG 1 is the 7th OVH datacentre, located in Strasbourg, Eastern France. It's the first to be made entirely out of recycled containers, a concept that has been growing around the world in the recent years. This datacentre is strategically positioned on the OVH fibre optic network at the heart of Europe, in order to minimise latency towards Germany and Eastern Europe.


Welcome to America!

In order to open the 8th OVH datacentre in Beauharnois (BHS), the same model that brought success in Europe was followed: total control of the web hosting chain. Thanks to this unique organisational style, the hosting provider can offer dedicated servers with the same high level of performance, at the same price as in Europe - 4 times cheaper than competitors on the North American market. With an eventual total capacity of 360,000 servers, the first OVH datacentre in North America is already bound to break records!


Local teams

In order to get closer to the customers in each country, OVH has developed an approach that combines a strong local presence with the company values and practices that made it so successful from the outset. Each subsidiary is adapted to suit the local context and is managed by a local team, with a website in the local language. Technical teams are all trained in France for 3 months, before returning to their own country for the official launch of OVH services.