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Dedicated Universe > NAS >

file server

Disk space:

100 GB

Number of partitions 12
Size of a partition 12
Number of servers that can
mount each partition
Partition Mounting Protocol NFS / CIFS*
Availability 99.9%
Price per month

£159.00 Excl. VAT/month
( £190.16 Inc. VAT/month)

NAS Storage

Total disc space 12
Number of partitions 12
Thin provisioning From NAS HA offer
Size of a partition 12

NAS Disks

Type of disk 12
Security 12

NAS Connection

Number of servers that can mount each partition 12
Mounting protocol NFS / CIFS*


Snapshots are instant images of data on your partition. You can access the snapshots at any time and recover your data from the moment of the corresponding snapshot (for example, from 1 hour, 24 hours or 48 hours ago)

Number of Snapshots
The snapshot was stored on your partition
12 Hourly backup. Access limited to the most recent one only.

Backup copies

To guarantee continuity of service and to avoid data loss, OVH backs up your data regularly.

Internal backups
In the same datacentre
1 to 24 hours


Price /month

£159.00 Excl. VAT/month
( £190.16 Inc. VAT/month)

Contract 1 Month

99.9% availability

If unavailable, your backup takes over. Meanwhile, OVH intervenes and rebuilds your RAID.

To benefit from the NAS offer, you must have a dedicated server at OVH and the Professional Use option.
You do not have an OVH dedicated server? Please go Here to order.

*: NFS: Network File System. CIFS: Common Internet File System. VHD files (Virtual PC / Hyper-V) are not supported