Big Data dedicated servers

Plus points

Customisable and scalable configurations
vRack private network and 256 IPs with no monthly fees

Model HG

Detailed specifications


Detailed specifications

Price £257.99 excl. VAT/month
£342.99 excl. VAT/month



Chassis 1U/T4 2U/T4
CPU Intel Xeon
2x E5-2650v2
Intel Xeon
2x E5-2670v2
Cores/threads 16c/32t 20c/40t
Frequency/burst 2,6 GHz+/3,4 GHz+ 2,5 GHz+/3,3 GHz+
RAM 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz 256 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
Hard disks 2x 3 TB SAS
7200 tr/min
HGST Ent. 7K4000
Up to 4 optional disks
2x 3 TB SAS
7200 tr/min
HGST Ent. 7K4000
Up to 36 optional disks
Anti-DDoS PRO Included Included
IP with no monthly fees 256 IPs 256 IPs
Guaranteed bandwidth 500 Mbps 500 Mbps
Burst 3 Gbps 3 Gbps
Public network card 1 x 10  Gbps 1 x 10  Gbps
Network card vRack and network 1 x 10  Gbps 1 x 10  Gbps
Customised configuration See details
See details


You want to test a customised server for three days

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Boost your server
with our additional services

Load Balancing IP

Dedicated ASA Firewall

Extended Backup Storage

Additional bandwidth*



*Percentage discount applied up to November 30th 2014.

(1) Choice of setup fees

FREE with all 12 month commitments

Or no commitment:

- Paid upfront £169.99 excl. VAT(or £203.99 incl. VAT) (HG servers), £254.99 excl. VAT(or £305.99 incl. VAT) (BIG HG servers) on order

Loyalty benefits (no options):

After renting your server for 12 months,
you benefit automatically from:
- 1 month free for a 6 month renewal
- 3 months free for a 12 month renewal

Why choose OVH Big Data?

Analysing customer experience in real time, transactional data, tracking your brand's online reputation and gauging opinion, fighting fraud... So many new challenges that demand a fast working solution which can handle massive data.

Big data enables you not only to gather large volumes of data, but also to sort, store and transfer it. Where high volume makes it difficult to make use of common data processing tools, Big Data has the capacity to search, analyse and visualise your data, regardless of the quantity.

Big data is defined by volume, velocity and variety. Beyond these 3 Vs, the OVH Big Data service is also equipped with a support team of experts in this technology. 4 good reasons to use OVH Big Data .

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